1880 Washington Ave.


Wentworth Military Academy & College was founded in 1880 and named by banker and benefactor Stephen G. Wentworth in honor of his deceased son. Closed in May, 2017 Wentworth was one of nation's oldest and most respected military schools, offering high school and college degrees.

















On the north side of Washington Street running through the campus was the Administration Building, originally a house that was partially burned during the battle. The Red Dragon sculpture in front is the Wentworth mascot. In front of Groendyke Hall is a monument to a Missouri State Guard battery located here during the battle. The Doughboy Statue honors cadets killed in World War I. Continuing east are Sellers Hall, the Chapel, and the Academic Building. The helicopter is a Viet Nam War memorial. The President’s Residence was a 1830s Greek Revival house. Across the street past Tillotson Barracks was Norma Maring Alumni Hall. It is a Romanesque brick home with tower and decorative chimney. The house at the corner was burned down during the battle but was later rebuilt in the new Italianate style. The homes down the street are 18th Century houses that were formerly used by the school.

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